Monday, 16 January 2012

For the love of deviantART

As you may have noticed, if I illustrate my blog but don't use my own pictures I often feature an artist from deviantART. This is because I used to be a member, and was completely wowed by all the varied talent from around the world. Now that I have my own platform where I can promote other people's work (along with my own!) I'll be featuring more artists and hopefully send a bit of traffic their way ;)

I have also put out a request on dA, where if an artist comes across my page and sees what I do, they can put themselves forward to be featured. It makes sense that I post it here as well:
'If you stumble upon this blog post and feel you have artwork I could feature, then please feel free to leave me a comment with a link. I usually look for artwork when I have something to write about, but this way I might be inspired as well. If your artwork is purely devoted to [fairy tale and folklore] themes, and especially if you have illustrated any literature of this genre, then I would be interested in doing a feature on you, possibly with an interview.'
So, to any artists who may see this blog post, the same applies; leave a comment with links to your work and a few words about yourself :)

Link to my dA page (excuse the name...I was still a child when I joined!)
The collection of featured work (or simply click through my favourites into the correct folder)

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