Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fairy tales and outrageous wishes

Last Thursday I took part in Story Scavenger's free creative writing workshop @ Waterstone's cafe, on the topic of 'resolutions and outrageous wishes.' A lot of people turned up, and we had great fun writing down names of good and bad fairy tale characters, resolutions and crazy dreams, tossing them into the middle of the table and then selecting a combination to write about. Some of our group's included: 

  • The Ugly Duckling wants to own a VW camper van,
  • The Wicked Witch wants to take more time for herself and treat herself better,
  • The Snow Queen wants to record music, and
  • One of the three little pigs wants to run away with a travelling funfair

by themicawber @ dA

I picked out 'Peter Pan wants to learn the piano' and 'Snow White wants to win the lottery.' I really enjoyed speed-writing the scenes from my stories - it has been ages since I wrote in a big group like that and felt relaxed and happy doing it. I didn't quite build up the confidence to share my work, but that will be my challenge for next month's workshop!

I will post my unusual fairy tale creations in the next few days once I have typed them up! 

To find out about the february workshop, visit Wendy's blog here.

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