Friday, 13 May 2016

Timeless Tales: Psyche and Cupid

The latest issue of Timeless Tales Magazine has been released, and each of the wonderful stories and poems contained within is based on the myth of Psyche and Cupid.

It's a favourite tale-type of mine, with a heroine who travels across the world performing arduous and seemingly impossible tasks in order to save/reclaim her lost love. Sometimes she makes stupid mistakes, sometimes she makes selfish choices, but nevertheless she carries on undeterred until, finally, through a combination of her skill, determination and acceptance of help from others, she succeeds in her mission.

Anthony Van Dyck
Cupid and Psyche, by Anthony Van Dyck {Source}
I started reading mythology long after fairytales, but the stories are instantly recognisable, especially if you read around and outside the Disney canon. Reading Psyche and Cupid your mind will no doubt jump to all sorts of familiar stories; mine took me to Donkeyskin, The Six Swans, and Nix Naught Nothing

Editor Tahlia Merrill has ensured Timeless Tales is completely free to read online, however if you make a donation you are able to listen to the audio edition, too. This issue, I am narrating The River God's Bride by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, who reimagines the myth in ancient Japan. So check it out, enjoy, and please consider donating to Timeless Tales so that Tahlia can keep on putting together this wonderful magazine and supporting her writers!

Timeless Tales Magazine: Psyche and Cupid issue #6

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