Thursday, 20 November 2014

Immerse yourself in Grimm

So THIS is happening in London until February next year...

Grimm tales (not the usual culprits either) in the form of immersive theatre at The Bargehouse. Exciting stuff!


Philip Wilson (Director & Adapter):
"I love the fact that, in German, these are known as 'wonder tales' rather than the more twee term 'fairy tales': and so audiences coming to the Bargehouse will find themselves plunged into a parallel universe in which extraordinary adventures happen - and the darker side of these stories will come to light... "
Val Coward (Producer):
"We’re transplanting Pullman’s Grimm Tales into the raw, atmospheric rooms of the iconic Bargehouse. It’s a real flesh-and-blood rendering; you’re literally in the witch’s cottage with Hansel & Gretel and you can really sense the magic and delight in the players and audience as each story unfolds. We’re so excited to be bringing these tales to the South bank and everyone here will enjoy this, from kids and their grown-ups to the rest of us who enjoy a fantastic tale or two."

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