Thursday, 7 November 2013

Twisted Tales

Remember Saints of the Lot called for fairy tale performers? Well, it's nearly time for their spectacular event: Twisted Tales!
Once in awhile in the middle of an ordinary life, Saints of the Lot gather a myriad of creative creatures to enchant our chosen kingdom. On Saturday, November 23rd, Saints of the Lot will be transforming the Marlborough Pub and Theatre into a Fairy Tale kingdom.
Snake Charmers, Flautists, Belly Dancing and Musicians fit for a king.
Big Brad Wolf and Acacia Blue will be teased and manipulated by the fairies of the forest in their provocative take on a Shakespearean tale.
Jack Woolley presents his fairy tale live alongside artistic projections by Elemental Media and a contemporary dance by Rochelle Joy portraying the lead Princess.
And so we embark into a land of fairies, witches, goblins and spells, we cordially invite you to our Twisted Tales.
Sounds exciting! You can buy tickets here.


  1. Hey, I just saw that your name is listed in the contents of the new Unsettling Wonder issue and wanted to say congrats! Can't wait to read it :)

    1. Thank you! I wasn't going to post that I'm in it until after it's out because I'm still a little bit in shock and can't quite believe it's real! The best new mag to rear its head in recent years imo, and it's so exciting to be included. Thanks again hon, really sweet of you to comment xx