Friday, 18 January 2013

buried treasure

Andersen's Fairy Tales...
Found in a charity shop. It cost me just 75p.
This edition is from 1928/1930 and contains illustrations by Rene Bull.

It has that beautiful old book smell and parchment-y pages that beg to be turned. This may sound sentimental, but that's because I also own the complete works of Andersen in one humungous book that tries to look old fashioned and magical but can't do it, because it isn't. Sure, I love that I have all the stories, but for me the best sort of book is one with a history.
And this book must have a history (some context: it has seen world war, cold war, four monarchs, and sixteen prime ministers) How many people have owned and loved this book? I wonder...

What gems have you discovered in charity shops?


  1. We have thrift shops, which are like charity shops, but they don't necessarily have to be for a charity, though many are. I once bought an obscure fantasy book because it was a pretty, old hard-bound. And because the fantasy names were suspiciously Welsh-sounding (hubby's from Wales--even if he weren't, I'd still be a Welsh-o-phile). Still haven't read it, though!

    I also found a gold-bound, color illustrated copy of Anderson's tales, published in the 80's. Nowhere near as good a deal as 75p. That was in an antique shop, though, so they're like thrift shops with more expensive prices!

    1. *0* gold bound...colour illustrated...yummy! I'm such a sucker for pretty books :/ I was in an antique book shop the other week and saw this book: and nearly bought it...probably would have done if I liked Perrault more!

      Wales is such a beautiful place. I enjoy the old Celtic folk tales but really struggle with the pronunciation of places and names! Have you ever come across Sacred Texts? ( It has loads of old folk tales, and more, including lots of Welsh ones.