Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New home

Apologies for my absence - I have recently relocated and I am without Internet. Which, of course, has made me come to realise how much I rely on it. I don't think I could find a library catalogue in a library, let alone use one; I wouldn't know how to access newspaper archives; I don't think I'd even have the strength to pick up an Encyclopaedia...Internet has been a blessing and a curse!

It's the little things that bother me, because I'm perfectly happy to let my email inbox stagnate, and I don't care about catching up on the TV programmes I've missed. 

I hate not being able to use a search engine to find out that random bit of information that I just can't quite remember. An actor's name, where Budapest is, where my nearest post box is...things that don't require a trip to the library, but which will absolutely do my head in if I don't find out the answers straight away!

So, if I never do return to blogging, assume I have been driven crazy from not being able to find out how many kilometres are in a mile. Or something like that.

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