Thursday, 18 August 2011

The power of laughter

I’m back from Germany! It was a truly amazing holiday visiting family, meeting new people, and seeing such a beautiful country. Everyone made us so welcome, even though we hardly spoke a (useful) word of German.

It wasn’t for lack of trying though! Unfortunately one attempt at pronouncing the name of the town we were staying near – Blieskastel – ended up a translation of ‘sex castle’. Apparently. It caused so many laughs that I can believe it!

There is so much beauty and wonder in languages. I have grown up loving them. I had a fantastic Spanish tutor who was so enthused and passionate about language, it was hard not to be infected with the bug. Having been a Spanish and French student at school, I had to try and learn some German before the holiday, but learnt so much more whilst we were actually there. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go and live in a foreign country, and become fluent in the language?

It’s funny…we didn’t speak much German, and the German friends and family we were introduced to didn’t speak much English, but we all got along amazingly. Why? I now truly believe that laughter is the universal language! And based on that I think I’ve had the most in depth conversations of my life~

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