Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Once Upon A Time...

Hello lovely people who stumble upon this blog in its early stages! You’re probably as surprised at finding yourself here as I am – I always said I would never start another blog…

Hopefully the honey coloured view will provide some thought-provoking reading material and may even be of interest to people other than myself! This is where I will be writing about my writing, but also about plenty of issues and interests that pop up and I feel need to be talked about. 

I am currently constructing an ‘about me’ page with information about who I am, and a more detailed description about what ‘the honey coloured view’ is all about, and why its important to me.

If you’re reading this at the very beginning of all things, then thank you, and I hope we have a fun journey together :)

Peace, Love, Aimee x

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